Accepted Papers

Long Papers:

  • Ahmad Khwileh, Gareth Jones and Andy Way. 
    Using Query Performance Prediction to Improve Reliability of Query Expansion for Retrieval of User-Generated Spoken Content
  • Serge Molina, Josiane Mothe, Dorian Roques and Ludovic Tanguy. 
    IRIT-QFR: IRIT Query Feature Resource
  • Sven Koitka and Christoph M. Friedrich. 
    Optimized Convolutional Neural Network Ensembles for Medical Subfigure Classification
  • Vladislav Blinov, Kirill Mishchenko, Valeriya Bolotova and Pavel Braslavski. 
    A Pinch of Humor for Short-Text Conversation: an Information Retrieval Approach
  • Florian Dietz and Vivien Petras. 
    A Component-level Analysis of an Academic Search Test Collection. Part I: System and Collection Configurations
  • Florian Dietz and Vivien Petras. 
    A Component-level Analysis of an Academic Search Test Collection. Part II: Query Analysis
  • Moritz Schubotz, Leonard Krämer, Norman Meuschke, Felix Hamborg and Bela Gipp. 
    Evaluating and Improving the Extraction of Mathematical Identifier Definitions

Short papers:

  • Nektaria Potha and Efstathios Stamatatos. 
    An Improved Impostors Method for Authorship Verification
  • Philipp Schaer and Mandy Neumann. 
    Enriching Existing Test Collections with OXPath
  • Mirko Lai, Marcella Tambuscio, Viviana Patti, Giancarlo Ruffo and Paolo Rosso. 
    Extracting Graph Topological Information and Users' Opinion
  • Raul Moreno, Weipeng Huang, Arjumand Younus, Michael O'Mahony and Neil J. Hurley. 
    Evaluation of Hierarchical Clustering via Markov Decision Processes for Efficient Navigation and Search
  • Magdalena Parks, Jussi Karlgren and Sara Stymne. 
    Plausibility Testing for Lexical Resources
  • Miguel A. Sanchez-Perez, Ilia Markov, Helena Gómez-Adorno and Grigori Sidorov. 
    Comparison of Character N-grams and Lexical Features on Author, Gender, and Language Variety Identification on the Same Spanish News Corpus
  • Khyathi Chandu, Manoj Chinnakotla, Alan Black and Manish Shrivastava. 
    WebShodh: A Code Mixed Factoid Question Answering System for Web
  • Tatiana Litvinova, Pavel Seredin, Olga Litvinova and Ekaterina S. Ryzhkova. 
    Estimating the similarities between texts of right-handed and left-handed males and females>
  • Liliya Akhtyamova, John Cardiff and Mikhail Alexandrov. Medication Safety Analysis in Twitter using Convolutional Neural Network
  • Piyush Arora, Jennifer Foster and Gareth Jones. 
    Query Expansion for Sentence Retrieval using Pseudo Relevance Feedback and Word Embedding

Best of Lab track papers:

  • Jaschar Domann and Andreas Lommatzsch. 
    A Highly Available Real-time News Recommender based on Apache Spark
  • Mirco Kocher and Jacques Savoy. 
    Author Clustering with an Adaptive Threshold
  • Pengyuan Li, Xiangying Jiang, Chandra Kambhamettu and Hagit Shatkay. 
    Segmenting Compound Biomedical Figures into Their Constituent Panels
  • Maria Medvedeva, Hessel Haagsma and Malvina Nissim. 
    An Analysis of Cross-Genre and In-Genre Performance for Author Profiling in Social Media
  • Georgi Karadjov, Tsvetomila Mihaylova, Yasen Kiprov, Georgi Georgiev, Ivan Koychev and Preslav Nakov. 
    The Case for Being Average: A Mediocrity Approach to Style Masking and Author Obfuscation
  • Philippe Mulhem, Lorraine Goeuriot, Nayanika Dogra and Nawal Ould Amer. 
    TimeLine Illustration based on Microblogs: When diversification meets metadata re-ranking